Whats New and Exciting? Helping runners achieve their goals.

Our business is really pretty diverse. We see athletes from various sports and various ages from very young to adult professionals and on occasion, world class elite athletes. In all the years I have been at this profession one thing I know to be true; regardless of talent, we all face similar challenges, just at different levels. Most of the athletes we work with at our facility are running athletes. If you think about this; regardless of distance or intensity, it all boils down to the fundamentals of motion, economy and efficiency.

Our tennis players need a high degree of agility and explosive speed even though the furthest distance they may run is less than 10 yards. Marathon runners do not require agility but they do need to refine their motor skills to minimize the cost associated with running for hours at a time. Energetic manipulation is critical for long distance runners and so for them this is an area of strong focus.

The short story today is that I am happy to report that through our running clinics we have been offering on the road we are meeting runners of varios abilities and within a few hours are able to enlighten and provide them with useful tools to improve their running, minimize or completely eliminate nagging injuries.

If anyone has a question related to these topics, I would enjoy communication with you.

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