A Bike Fit at dhp

Bike fitting for me is a love hate relationship. I am not a fan of getting my hands greasy or dirty but I love it when a client reports how satisfied they were with the outcome.

In the video I have attached, I need to apologize for some of the confusing dialogue between myself and my client. When I was speaking of “two to ten or  more” I was referring to the wedges I wanted to place beneath his right cleat relative to the degree of varus angle measured. I like the video in that it demonstrates how we go to committee on each fit. Because no fitter is able to experience the sensation of change of a riders posture, I feel its important to share in the decision-making process. Being able to step away from the bike and see yourself as you ride, in slow motion or to see the cause and effect from each adjustment is priceless. It take a bit longer to fit someone this way but it does insure a perfect fit almost every time.

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