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The TEAM LAS&F Project Agenda

This project stems from countless years of research and training of athletes. The goal is to showcase a highly effective system of training for runners that was developed in our lab and supported by the work with hundreds of runners over the past 15 years. We want to show the world what can be achieved by following our training concepts.

I believe that given the opportunity to have greater control over an athlete’s training under very specific training protocols based on an individual’s talents and unique metabolic structure that we can generate astounding improvements in running ability and race times. I know this to be true because I have seen it in case after case where an athlete was diligent in following our advice following our lab assessments.

This team concept as I see it, provides a win-win situation for both the selected team members and for our sports performance business. We at dhp elite training are very excited about the opportunity as are the candidates that are now under review. Once the May/June Issue of LA Sports & Fitness Magazine is released this week, we anticipate another huge wave of applicants who wish to earn a spot on our team. Within the first week of June we will select 10 women and 10 men all vying for the opportunity to become sponsored team members. The end goal is to compete in the Agoura 10 miler slated for October.  Between June and October we will devote a tremendous amount of energy into these team members preparing them for what may possibly be the performance of a lifetime. We selected this race because of the competitive nature of the distance, short enough to be fast, long enough to be a test of endurance.  I feel that 10 miles is a perfect mix for our experiment.

We are putting all of our cards on the table and we are all in! The journey will begin with a comprehensive study of each team member in our lab, from resting metabolic assessments to establish appropriate meal planning, body composition measurements and video gait analysis, concluded by VO2 max testing.

After an in-depth orientation we will set about collecting field assessments for comparative analysis to be drawn periodically during training. Each team member will be fitted to a new pair of Altra “zero drop” Running Shoes, Icebreaker GT 100% merino wool running apparel, a pair of Sunglasses from XX2i Optics offered from Rudy Project, a hydration system from Amphipod along with a well-stocked supply of energy replacement/hydration and recovery products from Accelerade and Endurox. We valued the financial commitment to each team member to be in excess of $3,000 in training and products.

This is the type of opportunity that most adult recreational runners will never experience. We feel that the hardest part for us is going to be the actual selection of team member. It is very important to us that the team dynamic is harmonious and the team members are able to feed off each other in the spirit of camaraderie and competition. We will draw from various ages and abilities. I feel that the burden of the final decision should fall to collective agreement among our coaches rather than from one individual. It’s going to be tough; we already have more candidates than opening for the team and the announcement is not even official yet! Of those who have submitted their bio’s, we are seeing some very high quality individuals, some who are highly experienced, some who have set some blazing race times and some who simply want it very badly and I am torn as to which of these attributes are of most importance.

My stake in this is to see the outcome of our efforts; compliance is the critical element in all of this. We know the process will work; we have no reservations in respect to our approach to training. Yet, when it is all said and done, in order to see the fruits of our labor, we require application. We need each of our team members to provide 100% and dedicate themselves to our process and not to be sidelined by other interests or concepts. Because, compliance to us is of utmost importance we have decided to award $500.00 to the most progressive team member, $300.00 to 2nd place and $200 to 3rd place at the conclusion of the race.

For those of you that are just learning about this project and are interested in applying for a slot on our team, you must visit to register. After reviewing the details, and agreeing to terms, you will find an e-mail address to submit your plea. I highly recommend that you do not hesitate. Don’t send us in depth questions about qualifications, etc. If you think you have the right stuff, step up, is you are undecided, step off! Good luck to all of you. As for the spectators of this reality project, stay tuned to LAS&F magazine over the coming months to follow our team’s progress.

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