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An interview with “The Rain Maker” Leo Manzano


During the 2012 Olympic GamOlympics: Track and Field-Men's 1,500m-Finalses Leo Manzano shattered a 44 year drought for Team USA in the 1500 meter event, earning a Silver medal with a blistering fast close in the final 100 meters. Listen as host Richard Diaz helps Leo re-live his amazing accomplishments.

Leo Manzano earned a 1500 meter silver medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games (3:34.79); the first American to do so since Jim Ryun‘s silver in Mexico City 1968. He won his first USA Outdoor 1500 meter title at the 2012 Olympic Trials, earning his second berth on a U.S. Olympic team.

He was also the 2012 USA Indoor 1500m champion with a blazing finish. A 2008 Olympian at 1500 meters, coming off of a runner-up finish at the U.S. Olympic Trials, Manzano also has a trio of USA runner-up finishes at 1500 meters, in 2007, 2009 and 2010.


Three Great Shows


I am very proud to announce our line up for the next 3 Friday shows on “The Natural Running Network-Live” podcast. Beginning with tomorrow morning; I’ll chat with Jenny Hadfield, author, columnist and running coach on the evolution of women in sport.  Next Friday, you’ll have a chance to hear Leo Monzano “The Rain Maker” speak on his Olympic experience in London where he broke a 44 year drought for the American Team by earning a well-deserved Silver Medal in the 1500 meters with an amazing come from behind attack in the final 100 meters. Then, the following Friday, listen as I interview one of the hottest talents in the professional Triathlon scene, Terenzo Bazzone.

If you are not listening to our show, you really should! Look for us on iTunes or join us live on Fridays for the interviews or Wednesday nights for our ever popular Q&A Show. Lots of fun and great insight from some amazing personalities.  Bookmark this link and go ahead and subscribe to be notified of our future shows.

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Where does it hurt… does your Doctor know? 05/17 by The Natural Running Network Live | Blog Talk Radio


Where does it hurt… does your Doctor know? 05/17 by The Natural Running Network Live | Blog Talk Radio.

When athletes are injured, they are vested in the recovery process. It is important to have a clear and precise diagnosis before treatment. Learn how to best communicate with your Doctor to get to the bottom of the problem quickly. Dr. Adam Story tells us how.

Ever feel like your doctor does not listen to you or worse, you don’t understand him? Dr. Story has some excellent tips on how best to relate to your Doctor to help him better identify the injury, and how best to deal with it. This is a very helpful bit of knowledge that every good patient should have.

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Out of the frying pan into the fire! 05/15 by The Natural Running Network Live | Blog Talk Radio

Out of the frying pan into the fire! 05/15 by The Natural Running Network Live | Blog Talk Radio.

Our Listener question of the day revolves around two differing runner injury syndromes; Stress fractures, hip problems that turned into Achilles and Calve strains. Listen as we try to offer a workable solution to these problems.

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Interview with the Rock Doc

Rock_Tape-show2Taping athletes first came to light during Olympic Beach Volley Ball. Now this mysterious taping is seen in every sport. Join us as we share the whys and how’s of taping with Dr. Capobianco the authority in the art of Kinesio-Taping for performance and injury.

As the key spokesperson and educator for “Rock Tape” Dr. Steve has travelled around the world sharing his knowledge with medical professional’s therapists and athletes from virtually every sport. Kinesio Taping has become a staple in the endurance sport world as a highly effective solution to nagging injuries, from toe to head. If you’ve ever dealt with a running or sport related injury, you really owe to yourself to listen to this show!


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How to Choose a Running Shoe

Choosing the right running shoe

Choosing the right running shoe

Now more than ever, choosing the right running shoe has become very confusing. With all the new research on the benefits of a shift to Natural Running, we need to be very careful and well advised. This show is dedicated to finding the right shoe for you!

This is truly an important bit of information for anyone who hopes to make the change from heel striking to Natural Running. The type of shoe we purchase can be a blessing or a curse. Listen as our Host Richard Diaz sheds light on some of the most important considerations when making your next show purchase.

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Hard Wired for Fitness

sports nutrition

Understanding “The Functional Day”

Dr Robert Portman demolishes the myths of dieting and shows how to activate the body’s natural biological rhythms to help you get into the best shape of your life! Learn how to unleash your powerful energy and why is the key to successful weight loss. Yes, we are hardwired for fitness, it is built into our DNA and now we have the science to guide us back to the fitness we were born with. This is a fascinating look at the evolutionary way to lose weight, have more energy and improve body composition-Naturally.

Follow this link to listen to the show now!

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If it ain’t broke… fix it!

My podcast

The Natural Running Network Live!

The Q&A Show for Runners, we answer the questions the audience wants to hear. Today’s show; can simply improving running form make us faster, reduce injuries or both? Listen as our host Richard Diaz covers these topics to make you a better runner!

Follow this link to hear it now!






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Dean Karnazes Ultra Marathon Man 05/10 by The Natural Running Network Live | Blog Talk Radio

DeanFew people have accomplished the type of grueling ultra marathon events that Dean has, if you’d like to ask him how he does it, join us tomorrow morning 9:00 am PST or download this episode anytime after Friday morning 5/10 for your listening enjoyment.

Dean Karnazes Ultra Marathon Man 05/10 by The Natural Running Network Live | Blog Talk Radio.

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