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Hello world!

We have so much to talk about, I hope you’re listening, I know that I am. What I would enjoy is to have some a chance to interact with people who have questions, opinions and ideas that are related to anything to do with human performance. My expertise is in endurance sports but I also have quite a bit of experience working with various types of athletes.

To be clear… I am not an expert in sport technique, don’t ask me how to dribble a soccer ball or how to improve your tennis serve. What I do is work behind the scenes, the fundamentals of movement, energetics and neural muscular education.

I have extensive experience with triathlon and running and am the founder of The Natural Running Network and The Natural Running Coach Certification Program. If it has to do with running, I am your guy. If you add a ball or racquet to it, those are bending my rule. Enough said? Great, now let’s get to know each other. To learn more about my services and my programs here are a few sites that may help you.

I am excited to hear from you!


Richard M. Diaz

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